So if I may expand on my brother’s brief post….

Currently at my place of employment we are short one employee, when we run a minimal crew already, this is not good.  It puts a strain on everyone as we try to cover the missing member of our team; so when another member is sick and not able to come in to work, well then it takes all that we have just to keep chaos in check.  Now throw into the mix the annual One Day Sale, where your customers know that they are going to get massive deals so everyone shows up…it’s amazing that I am still sober.

This is why I am grateful for the members of Horizon Distributors Inc. Bay Area Team; especially the outside sales team.  They really stepped up!  We had a successful Sale Day and I really attribute that to the help that my team received from others in our region.  I truly appreciated all of their hard work.

So as my brother stated, it really is nice having someone or someone’s to lean on.  Thank you to all!