The Gratefulness Series

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April 2016

Perseverance and trust

Righ now it would be so easy for me to just walk away from my position at PoolCorp; the hours that I am working and the amount of work that I am doing, it would be so easy to just… Continue Reading →


Tonight, I am honestly grateful for God. For God is Love. God is Strength. And though I walk through the fire—I know I couldn’t take another step if you weren’t real… And what is the science of God? Infinity. If… Continue Reading →

What? Me, Worry?

Does anyone remember Alfred E. Neuman?  Right now, if I let it, my life would be full of worry and turmoil!  If I let it.  I won’t!  It is not healthy.  I can only get done a certain amount of… Continue Reading →

It is so simple…

I am worn out today.  This whole week at work has been 12+ hours worked; there have been no breaks or time for me to relax.  I am worn out. So tonight, I am grateful for going to bed early…. Continue Reading →

Continuing On…

So if I may expand on my brother’s brief post…. Currently at my place of employment we are short one employee, when we run a minimal crew already, this is not good.  It puts a strain on everyone as we… Continue Reading →


really struggling right now… it looks like i already did “friends” recently… i guess when some things are falling apart, one really appreciates the ones that still with you (family, too!)

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