There is so much that I am grateful for; so much!  Today though, I am really grateful for my children.  Even if he is living out of the state, I am really proud of my oldest boy.  He is learning about life and becoming independent; all very good for him.  My youngest just received her drivers license and is doing well in school, she knows what she wants to do in life.  She is a wonderful young lady and she and I have some good times together; she really is fun to be with.

This leaves only one child left.  My middle one; my son who is home from college on Spring break.  We have had some very interesting and deep conversations, and he has only been home for a week.  He really has become his own person.  He does not let other people and their thoughts influence him or how he thinks.  He studies whatever it is that he wants to learn about and is able to form his own opinions.  It really is nice to have him home and to have some meaningful conversations with him.

So today, this week, this month, year and life, I am really grateful for my children.  I do love them very, very much.