the day to day trivial act of survival is… so trivial. and yet must be acted out for continual evolution and the continuation of life.

in its action, the action of evolution, we embody the infinite possibilities of divinity and evil; life and death… continually acting from the core of our beliefs. at times, i see the borderless (yeah; it’s not a word. it’s a shop) image as a whole—and it is beautiful.

and sometimes, i see such an action of determination and grace, that life lights up: peace, hope and joy bloom in equal and infinite proportions.

call it what you’re comfortable with; “love” seems innocuous at the moment.

we’re gonna be alright—we’re gonna live to see the dawn… ‘nd the dusk… moonlight glow—summertime shine

we be one; one at a time


(i’m grateful for the whole damn thing!)