The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


March 2016

who knows

When life is in complete chaos, and it is, I am grateful for some calm, cool and collected thoughts.  I am grateful for the education that I have had up to this point in my life, that allows me to… Continue Reading →

Outlook: Lucky

Tonight… I’m grateful for Microsoft’s program, Outlook. It has task reminders that I use. I’m about to shut-down for the night and a reminder pops up… reminding me that I haven’t completed my blog post. Sorry, Aaron, you’re going to… Continue Reading →


There is so much that I am grateful for; so much!  Today though, I am really grateful for my children.  Even if he is living out of the state, I am really proud of my oldest boy.  He is learning… Continue Reading →


hmmmm… i’m not sure what i’m grateful for in this moment. oh, wait – yes i do. i’m grateful for all the angels amongst us. all the beings that hang in there one more day when the load is unbearable…. Continue Reading →

Tick, Tick, Tick

Time moves on and I march forward with it; my proof?  I had to move all of my clocks one hour forward this past Sunday and yet I still wake up on time every day.  As we move forward I… Continue Reading →

a bowl of soup

Well; tonight is an easy one. Sometimes easy is good. I’m grateful for the chicken vegetable soup that Kyle made. It is mmmm, mmmm, good! I’m going to have me another bowl. Then I am going to do my best… Continue Reading →


Right now….I am grateful for my health and a warm bed for me to sleep in tonight.  I am plum wearing my self out; so I am very grateful for my own warm bed.  You may say that is not… Continue Reading →

who am i?

I think I am grateful for that question tonight… So much going on—and any given moment; feel sick, feel fine, angry, sad, happy. Full of hope—full of fear. Moment to moment; day to day… And each of these moments, I… Continue Reading →

There is something, I am sure.

I am working towards and planning for the future.  I am living for today, but planning for the future.  The future looks brighter all of the time, no matter who difficult today was. Life is still fun and I am grateful… Continue Reading →

beautiful human beings

the day to day trivial act of survival is… so trivial. and yet must be acted out for continual evolution and the continuation of life. in its action, the action of evolution, we embody the infinite possibilities of divinity and… Continue Reading →

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