Time management; this is a portion of my fundamental foundation, that I have a hard time adhearing to.  I really learned about time management when I enrolled in a Franklin Covey course, many years ago, we still carried planners that were made of paper.  So for me to really dive back into what I know works, for me to be successful, I need to be better at managing my time.  If I do a better job of planning out my day, my week, month and year, then there is less of a chance for me to procrastinate.  It just is not in my schedule.

This may sound boring to you; more structure and less creativity.  The reality is, that with more structure, I actually have more time to be creative.  I can plug that time into my schedule.  Hmmm, this just now has me thinking, that I need to do a better job of scheduling my personal time as well.  From this time to this time on Saturday, I will vaccum the house; and from this time to this time, I will watch something on the television while I drink my coffee, down time or zombie time.  I can guarantee there won’t be a whole lot of that time scheduled; at least not right now.  This house and yard are big for one person and it takes some time to maintain it.

Let me get back to my point.  I  am grateful for time management.  I am grateful for all of the things that I have learned over the years and continue to learn today as well as what I will learn tomorrow.  Add some structure to your life and watch how things will begin to improve for you.  Work on the things that you know will make you a better person.  If you are always down and depressed, I would suggest scheduling at least five minutes of just smiling!  Sit in front of a mirror and smile at your self.  See if you can make yourself laugh.

I am also very grateful for this space that my brother, Greg, and I have created, that allows us to the opportunity to share our lives and our thoughts with you.