I just returned home from a three day Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training program.  I went into the training with an open mind, hoping to receive some refresher information and to hopefully learn something more about time management.  I really do not know why I expected to learn something about time management that I do not already know; for me it is just a matter of practicing what I know works.  It really was a great three days.  I met some very interesting people, from several different industries; and I bonded even more with some of my peers.  I still wonder why Horizon would spend that kind of money to send a bunch of us there; some flying in from as far away as Maryland.  It really does not matter.  I did learn some new things and I  mentioned, I was able to meet and talk with some very interesting people who taught me some new things as well.

At the end of the training we were asked what it was that we got the most out of the training?  The one take away that several of us talked about was how even though we are all in different industries, our problems really are similar and being able to talk with other leaders, really is beneficial.  Hmmm, may be time to join or start another mastermind group.

I am grateful for the past three days that I spent at the training for several different reasons.  I am grateful that I am becoming more focused on my professional future and that things are moving in the proper direction.   Too my Chinese friends out there…. Happy New Year!