The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


February 2016

So tired….

I almost went to bed tonight without writing this post; my brother would have been happy.  I am grateful for the roof over my head and for the food in my cupboards.  I have a car that runs and things… Continue Reading →

reach out and…

this may seem lame on initial look – i’m grateful for social media? yep; i am first, on the surface – such a plethora of entertainment and information – i quickly access the current presidential chaos, behind the scenes looks… Continue Reading →

“Live by our choices”

Live by our choices is what my brother wrote in his last post.  I agree with this one hundred percent.  It is something that I have taught to my children.  Life presents you with situations; you have the ability to… Continue Reading →

hey. hey.

i just experienced tonight, that even when we’re feeling horrible, we can remain strong in the positive energy we’ve been continually working to create. we’re still conscious — and we have choice i’m grateful for our choice… we live our… Continue Reading →

Ask and you shall receive

I just returned home from a three day Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training program.  I went into the training with an open mind, hoping to receive some refresher information and to hopefully learn something more about time management.  I really do… Continue Reading →

a little rain

i am grateful for the depth and breadth of humanity… an ability for deep sorrow—a pause, a breath… a sigh lightly patters on window panes, through which we glimpse at who we really are. two profound questions i have been… Continue Reading →

Time management

Time management; this is a portion of my fundamental foundation, that I have a hard time adhearing to.  I really learned about time management when I enrolled in a Franklin Covey course, many years ago, we still carried planners that… Continue Reading →

something new

i’m very grateful for the time and space i’m given to find something new… and i’m very grateful for the friends and family that support my journeying—my wandering… i hope that you all shall be rewarded from what efforts and… Continue Reading →

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