I just returned home from having dinner with two friends who I have met through work; one of them is the gentlman who hired me almost twelve years ago and the other is an operationally like minded person, (meaning he has the same OCD sickness that I have).  I told them both that I had to get home so that I could write this blog; they told me that I had better mention that I was grateful for home smoked ribs and single malt scotch.  So I am grateful for good food, good scotch and good friends.

I am also very happy to say that by getting back to what I know, my foundations, my roots, that things are getting better at work.  I am seperating the wheat from the chaff and soon, I hope to have the right people in the right positions helping each other create the best sales center in the PoolCorp network.  It is starting to come together.  There is still much work to be done and we are just getting started.  Following my fundamentals and doing what I know works, we will succeed.  So I am very much grateful for that.