In the past, I only could do updates via my desktop. My cell phone was about nine years old, and I couldn’t really browse the web… Let alone, do any updates on this blog.

As my desktop shut down for the night, a chagrined look crossed my face as I remembered that I still had a part to do… or pay my brother $5. And I’m feeling ahead in the game at the moment, so I’m not so keen to blow this off.

However, the thought of firing up my desktop and settling back in to post… not so inviting.

Then I remembered; I can use my new phone… A gift from a close friend who brought my, kicking and screaming into the 21st century… At least I thought I prickly could use my phone–I haunt some it yet.

And here I am, posting via my phone… And thus keeping my five dollars safely on my card. 🙂