I don’t know… something about the waves in the air—personality.

I remember my parents owning an old, white, “brick” shaped radio with AM and FM. I loved it; I loved to play with it.

Years (and years) later, I’m rescued by Susquehanna Radio Corp. as the first .com bubble burst in 2000. And what a wonderful time in the workforce that was.

Of course, I also learned about friendship and humanitarianism while employed at 55 Hawthorne Lane.

And now? I still listen… the Bay Area is ripe with morning shows; all great fun.

And 10@10 with Annalisa…? The best—still!

Thank God for KPOO and KALX.

I don’t really know any of the personalities on air any more; well – perhaps a couple of them I could still call/contact. Yet, they are like best friends…

It is not a dying form— it’s r….. (zzzzz crackle… ktch ktch)