If you are building a structure, any structure, you start by building the foundation first.  It is the anchor on which everything else must sit.  This is true for the simplest hut to a massive sky scraper.  If you want a building to last, it must have a strong foundation.  Our lives are pretty much the same way, the exception being that we are able to alter and add to our foundations.  I am very fortunate in that my parents were around to help me, guide me and interact with me, when I was a child.  They made sure that I was educated, nourished and clothed; that we had a shelter to come home to everyday and I knew that they loved me.  This is a solid foundation!  Over the years I have built on top of that foundation.  I have learned things and have put into practice certain things that have allowed me to grow.

This past year has been a struggle for me, professionally.  I really was not happy with what I was doing.  I could not wait to get out!  This obviously has effected other aspects of my life as well.  Not good!

This past week I realized that I have gotten away from some of those practices.  That I have allowed myself to faulter by allowing excuses to rule, rather than taking control of the situation.  I heard something very smart just the other day; one of my peers was in Jamaica last week and a lady told him that there are no problems in Jamaica, only situations.  That is fantastic!!  Problems can not be changed, situations can.

So going back to my foundations, working the daily habits that I know will allow me to succeed.  I am grateful for this.