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January 2016

Yep it works

I just returned home from having dinner with two friends who I have met through work; one of them is the gentlman who hired me almost twelve years ago and the other is an operationally like minded person, (meaning he… Continue Reading →


In the past, I only could do updates via my desktop. My cell phone was about nine years old, and I couldn’t really browse the web… Let alone, do any updates on this blog. As my desktop shut down for… Continue Reading →


If you are building a structure, any structure, you start by building the foundation first.  It is the anchor on which everything else must sit.  This is true for the simplest hut to a massive sky scraper.  If you want… Continue Reading →

radio radio

I don’t know… something about the waves in the air—personality. I remember my parents owning an old, white, “brick” shaped radio with AM and FM. I loved it; I loved to play with it. Years (and years) later, I’m rescued… Continue Reading →

a little bit left of center

“…a few mock Hanuman, saying his reverence and love for Rama and Sita could not possibly be as deep as he implies. In response, Hanuman tears his chest open, and everyone is stunned to see Rama and Sita literally in… Continue Reading →


I just watched CBS 60 Minutes Sports, there was a story about a twenty-three year old lady who is one of the top rock climbers in the world.  The story was about her climbing the North Face of the Eiger… Continue Reading →


Well… work started back in earnest this week. It is a wonderful way to make one grateful for holidays and celebrations. Despite some serious colds, flu, etc.—it was a fabulous break with family and friends. Very grateful for that; though… Continue Reading →

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