I still have shenpa to work out (of the system) in regards to my mother… maybe this lifetime; maybe not.

I also have a wonderful, rich fertile (back)ground from which I grow.

Arcosanti, albums of folk, rock, classical… my first Pink Floyd album was a gift from my mother… and it wasn’t DSOTM (one of the most popular albums ever, staying on the charts from 1973 to 1988). It was Ummagumma. Also, Brain Salad Surgery was another gift from her. And she put up with my KISS albums.

She welcomed strangers from all walks of life into our home… into our life. Hitchhiking hippies were just new friends.

The shack her and my father rented at Crystal Cove during summers comfortably fit… whomever showed up. There was always plenty of room (because we had a whole beach to hang out on) and plenty to eat (fresh picked wild spinach right outside the shack).

A summer in a motorhome traveling the blue highways of the United States and Canada.

Fearless. Stubborn. Fragile.

2 years ago, at the prime age of 76 (i think; there abouts), she packed up and moved to Nicuragua so that she could live out the rest of her life at a place she loves best—the beach.

Yes; I still do have my shenpa to work out in my relationship with my mother. Maybe this lifetime. Maybe not.

And I am very grateful for my relationship with my mother—and the rich soil she’s provided me.