jesus… so much to be grateful for this year.

Grateful for my brother, who practically daily—and that’s literally—helps keep my keel in the water and remaining (or getting back to as is so often the case) on course.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to perform… keeping in mind that comedy is not an art form; it’s a *&%$#@ joke!

I’m grateful for my two sisters, whom I see as Snow White and Rose Red— two of a kind and two very different people, too.

Grateful for the music—so much music; such variety of pallet. If you don’t find something to feed the soul, you are lost, my friend. Get a map and find yourself!

I’m very grateful for the physical, mental and spiritual workouts courtesy of John & Lea’s Mysore classes at YogaWorks and some mother-fuckin’ Ripped Body Fitness with the brothers and Marcus (Happy Birthday, Jake!)… what a community! What a blessing to be able to participate with all that!

And I’m grateful that my elders, like my Mom and the Queen of Soul, who continually bring it so strongly—gives me inspiration and hope. I think I got years ahead of me to keep gettin’ busy… keep rising up and reaching out to create a life from dreams ethereal… no doubt, i’m still working to get my head straight—get my colors all in a row. And no doubt there are some that would call me a blockhead—with good reason (ya hear me Carl Melville? 🙂 )

But, well… I’m grateful for all of you. I’m grateful to be alive—and being alive happens because you are, too.

So, a fond adieu to the old man of 2015 (you grew so fast) and a warm welcome to the babe of 2016 crawling in.

Stories. Glories. Woes and elation. (and a better fuckin’ fantasy team next football season!)

Oh dear—I need to mention my children, too. Thanks for letting me remain an intimate part of your life!