I wonder if we were to get rid of all media content, would there be so much sensless killing throughout the world.  If someone knew that whatever they did, would not be broadcasted throughout the world, would they still do it?  Events in France, Africa, the United States of America and elsewhere, are very sad and very disturbing; I don’t let them stop me from living my life as I normally would, but I do pray for peace and guidance to help create that peace.

As I struggle through my life, I am grateful for the family, friends and peers who give me guidance and help me make decisions that move me forward.  There are times when I have to take a step or two backwards, but that just broadens my view and allows me to choose another path.  I work to be successful, which is only my definition nobody elses and I work to help others and to bring peace into this world.  For these opportunities I am grateful.