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December 2015


I am currently sittin in my lazy boy chair, with a cat curled at my feet, watching the Orange Bowl.  I am grateful for DVR’s that allow me to fast forward through all commercials as well as the half-time show…. Continue Reading →

last message of 2015

jesus… so much to be grateful for this year. Grateful for my brother, who practically daily—and that’s literally—helps keep my keel in the water and remaining (or getting back to as is so often the case) on course. I’m grateful… Continue Reading →

It is Christmas

One of my favorite movies to watch this time of year is Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  I like the message of the movie; goodwill to all of man kind.  It is something that I think that we should all employee… Continue Reading →

My Mom

I still have shenpa to work out (of the system) in regards to my mother… maybe this lifetime; maybe not. I also have a wonderful, rich fertile (back)ground from which I grow. Arcosanti, albums of folk, rock, classical… my first… Continue Reading →


It is not kinder but Kinder.  It is german for children or family; and today I am grateful for my children.  Each one of them is so unique from the others and I am so proud of each one.  I… Continue Reading →


tonight, i’m just grateful that i remembered to post before shutting down and turning in. yep – i’m all 1s and zeros… plugged in and running on electricity. and i think these two have incredible voices… i guess i’m grateful… Continue Reading →

get what you need

I have come to the realization that I need to work harder to be a manager, rather than to be liked by my employees.  My job is not to be liked, it is to manage the place where I work…. Continue Reading →

simply put

i’m still traveling — i haven’t achieved the simplicity of the words i read yesterday yet… still have a ways to go i think simply put: the chaos and difficulties of being alive are going to happen to everyone on… Continue Reading →


I wonder if we were to get rid of all media content, would there be so much sensless killing throughout the world.  If someone knew that whatever they did, would not be broadcasted throughout the world, would they still do… Continue Reading →

Ripped Body on me! Ripped Body on 3! 1, 2, 3 — RIPPED BODY!

I am very grateful for JT, Jake and Marcus who have allowed me into their lives on a regular basis. They run Ripped Body Fitness out of Mill Valley and doing private sessions for people. They also are branching out… Continue Reading →

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