I don’t know if it is resolve or determination, but either one of them is why I have not left my current position with my company.  I have now worked 19 days in a row, some of those days have been well over 12 hours worked, and I still have two more days to go.  If there is any gas left in my tank, it is just fumes.  There have been a couple of times that I thought to myself, just walk away, but then my moral compass kicks in.  I dig a little deeper within and I resolve to make the situation better.

Where do I begin to start making it better?  With me, that is where.  I need to look at my own weaknesses, strengthen them and then move onto others.  I resolve that by the time I leave my current position, I will leave a well oiled machine behind.

So this is what I am grateful for today, determination and resolve; the things that have helped me get through these past three weeks.