I finished my 10 day challenge on Facebook; a daily selfie with a gratitude post and an invite to another FB friend.

I accepted the challenge because I wanted the daily effort to post something about gratitude—it wasn’t much of a challenge as I found it quite fun. However, there was a day or two there were effort was needed.

So far, in my life/experience, I find that effort is needed in all things of value. Real work effort. The kind of effort from which we’d rather turn from…

And here we are on Veterans Day. I think my sister said it best about this theme: http://bentrivka.com/2015/11/09/veterans-the-least-of-these/.

As i walk through the valley of of the shadows, i know that i am invited to do so… eventually we all walk through the shadows.

I am grateful for darkness; those that help us through it & those that help us with it. So that darkness is not feared; it just is.

(and did this post skid all over the place? yes it did)