This title is my current view of life.  Yes I am looking forward to the days when I can walk out of my front or back door, and sit down onto the sands of some beach while the Pacific Ocean laps up onto the shore.  Wait a minute, I have already had that in my life.  No wonder I yearn for those days again; I know what it is like.  I am working hard to get back there; and as I get closer, life says, “don’t know that you will fully appreciate that just yet; here is a new obstacle for you to overcome”.  This is what keeps life interesting.  This is what keeps us young, if you view it with the proper attitude.  Obstacles are life’s lessons.  You should always want to continue your education; and you can either do that in an institution of higher learning, where someone is teaching your their opinion of life, or you can live life and learn on your own.

I like to live my life and learn on my own, with the help and mentorship of others.  So many different, successful people have stated that you become a product of your surroundings.  I am trying to surround myself with positive, intelligent, successful people.  My hope is that someday I may become one of them as well.

I am grateful for my challenges and my continued education.  I was probably complacent last year so life has decided to educate me a little bit more this year.  So I am grateful for that because I am learning more lessons.