i am told, do not judge until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

i am told one can’t love their enemy. For the moment we understand him or her, we have compassion and they are no longer our enemy.

i am told I bring shadow and disruption to a situation… and i’m informed that i am unwilling to admit and face my shadow.

i’m working to get my head and spirit straight. results of such effort are hard to measure—for they aren’t represented by the tangible.

perhaps one can get a sense of one’s worth by the moment to moment well-being and happiness of one and the people in our life. the more intimate the relationship, and the endurance of such relationships, being the strongest of gauges to measure by.

the recent chaos in Paris was well reported—but i just learned yesterday of similar chaos and loss right here in my backyard.

and my “yard” is really the planet; my family—all who are alive on it (present, past and future). chaos and disorder—pain and terror—alive and well within walking distance.

i think we are going to keep growing our willingness to stand in the heat of individual fires burning… stand in the fires without reaction and learn to understand the source of the burning. from that knowledge, our compassion for individuals will grow and we will learn ways to heal.

i am grateful for the story-tellers of our planet. stories help one gain knowledge and heal.