The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


November 2015


Today on this day of Thanks Giving, I am grateful for some very good friends.  These are friends that I have known for twenty years or more and who I consider family.  We may not talk to each other today,… Continue Reading →

are you frickin’ kidding me?

this is a time for everyone to be grateful… thanks and giving. oh; you gonna get caught up on the story? damn! Ok… if that’s where you want to hang—go ahead, hang there. And fuck you! I’m about right now!… Continue Reading →


I don’t know if it is resolve or determination, but either one of them is why I have not left my current position with my company.  I have now worked 19 days in a row, some of those days have… Continue Reading →

a mile of understanding

i am told, do not judge until you have walked a mile in their shoes. i am told one can’t love their enemy. For the moment we understand him or her, we have compassion and they are no longer our… Continue Reading →

Yeaaa Boiiiy

I have a deep appreciation for my brother’s continuing drive to keep our daily, weekly and monthly tasks on track.  When I get busy and wrapped up in the “right now” moment; it is my brothers question: “Are we doing our… Continue Reading →

my blanket

I finished my 10 day challenge on Facebook; a daily selfie with a gratitude post and an invite to another FB friend. I accepted the challenge because I wanted the daily effort to post something about gratitude—it wasn’t much of… Continue Reading →

It is complicated.

This title is my current view of life.  Yes I am looking forward to the days when I can walk out of my front or back door, and sit down onto the sands of some beach while the Pacific Ocean… Continue Reading →

what more is there… really?

i look around and i see only love; many varieties. i see chaos erupt, and friends gently and easily place it aside and let it rest – without drama. i am grateful for everything we are; for everything we are…… Continue Reading →

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