The Gratefulness Series

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October 2015

I wonder….

Right now I don’t know what I am truly grateful for that you have not heard about already.  Work is extremley busy and it is wearing me out both mentally and physically.  I am grateful that I have  job and… Continue Reading →


It is just a few days before Halloween… one of my favorite holidays. Truth be told—I love holidays… all of them. Love celebrations in life. However, for me, the two favorites are Halloween—a celebration of our shadows, our darkness, the… Continue Reading →

A Clean Sweep

This past Sunday I spent a good part of the day cleaning my kitchen; this was brought on by one member of the household moving into the newer side of the house.  So I cleaned off the counters, washed dishes,… Continue Reading →

takes time

i remember a couple of years ago, my youngest daughter and i put an avocado seed into a glass, and left it on a shelf in the kitchen. it was our second attempt. it dried out. it cracked. a small… Continue Reading →

Night Time

Today is a simple gratification.  I am grateful for good long sleep.  These past two weeks I have been running non stop.  Work is one hectic freight train, running hard, pulling a heavy load and I am the engineer making… Continue Reading →

even the pain can be alright

I read a quote today that said (paraphrasing) one shouldn’t have fear because pain and suffering of the body and mind will exist on this planet. I found it kind of freeing; the need to alleviate pain and suffering dropping… Continue Reading →

A cheap one

Today I am grateful that my brother and I didn’t put any rules on how we write this blog; so as much as I do not like to take the cheap way out, I am grateful that I am able… Continue Reading →

family & friends

funny how the time goes by gently down the stream appreciating the company we’re with if you know what i mean and simply put, i don’t get it why sometimes it’s far away but i sure am glad you stayed… Continue Reading →

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