Why that title?  I do not know!  It just seems that life is full of them and each one that we make effects our lives; whether we want to admit this or not.  It is not so much the decision that effects us but how we react to the outcome of that decision.  If you decide to cross a double yellow line to get around a car that is moving slower than you would like, and you go head on into a vehicle coming towards you, you can think that it is the car in front of you who made you crash or you can accept the responsibility of your decision.  That old adage, don’t complain if you didn’t vote.

This past year I have made a couple of decisions that I sometimes wonder, did I do the right thing?  That being said, my life is still progressing forward in the direction that I would like to be moving, maybe not as quickly, but I am learning more about life as I move along.  There may be some people that are a little less than happy with my decisions, since I am arriving home much later than I used to and I am a little less cheerful than I have been previously.  These are things that I am working on improving and I am happy to say that it is slowly getting better.

I am grateful for all of my decisions and for the opportunity to continue my education in this life.  So what do you want from life?  This video helps me energize and move forward….