The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


September 2015


This morning I woke up with fear and trepidation—a dark hopelessness for who I am and what is… and the future. It was an act of strength to get up and head off to work-out with Ripped Body Fitness. I’m… Continue Reading →


I am confident that my life is progressing towards better things.  I am working my way through this life, constantly learning new things.  I am learning to be more tolerant; to be a teacher and therefore a leader.  I am… Continue Reading →


This morning I woke up with a very pronounced “why bother” attitude. I had a fantastic recording session this afternoon for the podcast, “Yoga Chat with Nikki“. It completely revitalized me… And throughout the day, communication and conversations helped me… Continue Reading →


Last Friday I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedist, looking at my elbow; it had been seven weeks since I had my surgery.  The elbow looked good to him and feels great to me!  He said that I… Continue Reading →

This is it

because sometimes i’m russian through the day, just barely touching off on goals while moving like a banshee and screaming like a race horse


Why that title?  I do not know!  It just seems that life is full of them and each one that we make effects our lives; whether we want to admit this or not.  It is not so much the decision… Continue Reading →

humble pie

so, yeah… this stand-up comedy thing? among its assets and gifts… the abillity to humble is one of them. Tonight, returning late from one of my favorite open mics – Spancky’s on Wed night – I am grateful for real… Continue Reading →

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