It is a very busy life!  Surgery went great!  The ligaments or tendons from my tricep are once again attached to my elbow.  There is minimal pain and I am out of the cast or hard splint and am now wearing a removable, flexible splint on my arm.  I am becoming more proficient using my left hand; and I am becoming faster typing with only one hand.  I will be in this brace for about another four or five weeks, I think; but it all looks good.

Work is getting more in line with what it should be, there is still a lot to be done before we are really rocking.  Some side projects that I have been working on are really accelerating and that has me excited.

The youth soccer  season will begin in  a couple of weeks; and even though I will not be able to officiate for several weeks, I will be able to mentor other referees and help them progress.

Life doesn’t stop.  It is a journey that constantly moves you forward.  If you set your sails correctly, tack and jibe properly, you will almost certainly enjoy the trip.