This week marked the one year anniversary for my daughter and her first real boyfriend; they have been seeing each other for a year now.  They were both sophomores in high school when they started dating.  He is a nice young man; very polite and respectful whenever he is around our family.  I kind of like the kid.  In a way their dating kind of reminds me of my first real girl friend when I was a sophomore in high school.

To mark their one year anniversary, this young gentleman’s father came over and explained to my wife why the two must break up and never see each other again.  Apparently they are getting too serious and they spend too much time texting one another.  I don’t disagree that they should not be texting late into the night but like I said, he is a nice respectful boy, who reminds me of myself….just a little.

This situation has me thinking of that first love of mine and the few others that I have had the privilege of encountering along the way in my life.  Love has kept me going, working towards and for better things in life.  It has also helped me appreciate each relationship that I have had.  I believe that humans are creatures of love and without it, life would be dull and drab.  Love keeps us creative; and that is a good thing.

I am sorry for my daughter and her boyfriend; but like I told my daughter, she is only sixteen and she will find more love elsewhere.  There is also that chance that she and her boyfriend, (former boyfriend), will stay in touch, ( they see each other at school); after all I still stay in touch with my first girlfriend and few others as well.  I still have a lot of love for them all and I am glad that they have all been and are in my life.  It has kept me creative and makes the days much easier knowing that there is love in my life and in this world.