The Gratefulness Series

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August 2015

The devil’s in the details

I was with my brother, in a dark movie theater… it was to be a young actor’s debut role in a feature film. All he got was the opening credits; and he barely got that. But my brother and I… Continue Reading →


This week marked the one year anniversary for my daughter and her first real boyfriend; they have been seeing each other for a year now.  They were both sophomores in high school when they started dating.  He is a nice young… Continue Reading →

filming again

So grateful to being filming again tonight!! WHEEL FOR HIRE, here I come! (and that’s a solid, my friend!)


Today I am grateful for my abilities and positive attitude both of them help propel me forward.  Life is what it is and that is whatever you make of it.  It is all about your attitude. So even though I… Continue Reading →

Silliness: Seriously Silly

My weapon of choice? Silliness… I acknowledge that I am in a race for twit of the year; and humbly compete at any given opportunity. And I am such a twit; I often manufacture such opportunities for competition. All shall… Continue Reading →

How about it?

I am writing this on Thursday morning, knowing that I will probably not have enough time to do it this evening.  My schedule is full and I am very busy.  That being said, my energy is still up and I… Continue Reading →

Forward Motion

It is a very busy life!  Surgery went great!  The ligaments or tendons from my tricep are once again attached to my elbow.  There is minimal pain and I am out of the cast or hard splint and am now… Continue Reading →

the future

Yeah, turning fifty-three tomorrow—less then an hour away. And right now, I’m grateful for the future… because it is wide open. if I can keep breathing, stay steady, and walk forward to the light i’ll be alright and live to… Continue Reading →

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