Last week I was very grateful for the trip that I took to Southern California with my wife and daughter.  We had a great time; me on business and my wife and daughter enjoying what Southern Orange County had to offer.  We spent our last day hanging out on the beach at Crystal Cove.  It was fantastic!  The sun was shining and it was so clear that you could see Catalina Island as well as a part of San Clemente Island.  The water was warm and clear and there was some nice waves rolling in; every now and then a tasty set of three or four waves would come in.

As soon as we arrived at the beach I went straight into the water, without putting any sunscreen on, there were waves that needed to be ridden.  It was either the fourth or fifth wave that I was body surfing on, that I decided to do a move that I once was able to do when I was much younger; that was a mistake!  Did I mention that I was much younger when I would try to do this move?  Well the wave walled up and caught me up on the lip, so over the falls I went; this is no big deal, it has happened to me numerous times, when I was younger.  Over I went and slammed down onto the shore, landing on my right elbow; as I landed I heard a snap and felt some serious pain shoot up my upper arm.  I walked up onto the beach where my wife and daughter were standing, once I was able to get the pain under control I asked my wife and daughter if they could see anything wrong with my arm, neither one could.  So I went and put sunscreen on and sat on the beach and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon, as much as I could with the pain in my arm.

We left the beach around five in the evening and headed back to my sister’s house.  When I walked up to my sister’s house my niece asked me what I did to my arm and then asked my why I wasn’t at the hospital.  My sister then saw me and told me to get to the hospital right away.  My arm obviously did not look normal.  I went to the local emergency room where I found out that I had torn the tricep ligament in my right arm and that I would need to see an orthopedic surgeon to have it repaired.

So today I am grateful that the good lord decided to send me over the falls on this wave and injure my arm.  If he had not, I would have stayed in the water much too long and would have been sun burned all over my face, neck and shoulders.  I am a serious wimp when it comes to sunburns; a serious wimp.  I am able to handle the pain in my arm much better than the pain of a sunburn.  Tomorrow I will have an MRI to see if I need to have surgery to repair this tear or not.  Meanwhile I am still able to handle this much better than a sunburn, so I am grateful!