It has been a tough month, staying focused on all that I am working on while I sit in the middle of sleep deprevation.  When one project blows up and takes over so that all other projects become less than secondary, it can be tiresome and bog down ones mind and thoughts.  So I find solutions, work to install those solutions and get myself back on track.

This week things are beginning to come back in line with where I would like them to be.  I am on a little business vacation with my wife and daughter; they are vacationing while I am on business.  Tonight though we will enjoy The Pagent of the Masters in Laguna Beach, something that I have wanted to take my wife to for a very long time and this year we are doing it.

I am grateful that my business trip has brought us to Orange County, where I am spending time with my younger sister and her family and where I can finally take my wife to see The Pagent of the Masters.