Well, my day to post is Wednesday… but sometimes a day is full… along with the night—and i get home late from an open mic, where i swing for the fences and watch the ball dribble away down the wrong side of the foul line chalk…

And I squeeze into the day a few phone calls to make movies, and tighten up my loins to get ready for an expected brutal shoot starting monday night—ending at 3am the next morning because it’s a night shoot—the whole bloody shoot is a night shoot… all twelve days—i’ll be thrilled if we get it in 12.

And i don’t get a lick of billable work in, yet the bills are paid…

And I’m wishing i was gettin’ laid—or killin’ it at the clubs… but i guess my dues aren’t paid yet for such treats.

I’ll be up early, taken the truck in to get tuned up so it makes it through the shoot… tuning up my body so it makes it through the shoot.

And I think of the wisdom of my brother’s words from a few days ago… oh yeah, i asked for this.

and i’m grateful i did