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June 2015


The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship; not because of one person on the team being a superstar, rather the team played as a team.  All of their talents and skills, unselfishly meshed together to form one perfect team…. Continue Reading →

just grateful

a lot going on… i have a 2am wake up call so i can pick up the cab and actress for this morning’s early shoot of Wheel For Hire, Tim’s feature film i’m producing with Daron. I got a client’s… Continue Reading →

“I asked for this”

My brother emailed me a couple of weeks ago. His email: “I guess I’m just a glutton for… no; I asked for this.” It’s been my mantra ever since. I am grateful for my brother and his wise words… and… Continue Reading →

Second Gear

Today I am grateful for the power of the mind.  I came home from work today just exhausted.  I did not want to do anything after dinner but take a nap.  I watched the first half of the Warriors basketball… Continue Reading →

When there is nothing – everything is

Tonight I was thinking of what I had to be grateful for… feeling a little lost; lonely—not particularly happy with my work ethic—not particularly thrilled with my strength of character. And I stopped, and took a breath. And I realized… Continue Reading →

Not to be taken lightly

Well, my day to post is Wednesday… but sometimes a day is full… along with the night—and i get home late from an open mic, where i swing for the fences and watch the ball dribble away down the wrong… Continue Reading →

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