This past week and weekend I was reminded that life has a way of testing your fortitude.  It is able to pile some situations onto you and you either sink in despair or you step back and evaluate your situations.  When you think that it can’t possibly get any worse life has a way of throwing you one more thing that needs to be dealt with.  Once again, you can either sink further into despair or you pause, take a breath, maybe walk around the block or the building count to ten and then look at what your options are.  You may even ask for some devine intervention or guidance.  The funny thing is, if you take that pause and look at what you are dealing with, rather than just saying that it is impossible, you actually find solutions; and then suddenly not only do solutions come to you but some solutions arrive unannounced and can actually enhance your life.

If you stay positive and evaluate what is real versus what you imagine to be real, good things will happen; it just has a way of working out that way.

I am grateful for the lessons that I continue to learn  and re-learn all of the time.

Stay positive my friends.