I am sorry and happy to say that tomorrow will be my last day managing the facility that I have been managing for the past eleven years.  The powers that be, have decided to close the facility down at the end of this year.  While I was planning on moving out of there this year anyway, I have a team of people that were not.  So I have been in the “find them a job” mode; reaching out to connections and making sure that they will be taken care of when the doors finally shut.  I have enjoyed my eleven years at this facility and have met some wonderful people and I have been able to teach and to learn.  It truly has been a great experience, otherwise I would not have stayed as long as I have.  Those people who have known me, will know that before joining this company, I would move around from company to company about every two to three years.

Monday morning I will be starting a new position; within the same company, just a different division.  It is an even bigger opportunity to educate and to be educated.  It is an opportunity to take a once shining diamond, that is not so shiny right now, and see if we can’t polish it and make it the crown jewel that it should be.  I am leaving one very good team of people to join another team that is equally good.  It will be a lot of hard work and some long days, but I cannot wait for Monday to come.

I am grateful for the time that I spent working at my last position, but I am truly grateful for this company that allows a person multiple opportunities and chances to excel with their strengths as well as help educate them past their weaknesses.