The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


May 2015

No title needed

This past week and weekend I was reminded that life has a way of testing your fortitude.  It is able to pile some situations onto you and you either sink in despair or you step back and evaluate your situations. … Continue Reading →

My son

Yesterday, my son turned 14. Saturday, I had the honor of hanging out with him almost all day.. paint-balling. I hope he finds his passion and follows the path his bliss and light layout before him. I am very grateful… Continue Reading →

It is all around us

Today is pretty simple; I am grateful for the ever changing world and life that we live in.  With every change there is an opportunity for us to educate ourselves  as well as others.  If we are willing educators and… Continue Reading →

a picture is worth…

Blighted gates Rust and wear Paradise If I dare Accounts be paid From dreams and whim I know not why I hide within

Next Chapter, Please…

I am sorry and happy to say that tomorrow will be my last day managing the facility that I have been managing for the past eleven years.  The powers that be, have decided to close the facility down at the… Continue Reading →

on a clear day

Today I am grateful for the bird’s eye view… The ability to have space and air in which to breath calmly—while also remaining in the midst of stormy weather and heated emotion. In this place we can see that everyone… Continue Reading →


Hmmm, what to write about tonight?  I don’t know.  There is so much to be grateful for.  Easy come is easy go; and so it goes.  Appreciate what you have and work hard for what you want.  Life is not… Continue Reading →

Not a doubt in my mind

Tonight, I am absolutely grateful for forgiveness! It is the balm that heals all; allows Love to grow. I know I am broken; for the reality I live doesn’t match the light i hold within. However, because of forgiveness, i… Continue Reading →

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