This past Saturday we celebrated the life of my mother in law.  She left us much too early in her life.  I do know that she is now back with her husband who she absolutely loved.  The ceremony was held in the back of our vineyard and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  The sun was shining and there was a nice gentle breeze blowing.  It was just perfect.  My mother in law’s closest friends were there.  It was very, very nice.

The ceremony was led by my little sister’s husband, my brother in law, Brian; he is no relation to the lady who’s life we were celebrating.  It was exactly what my wife wanted.  Brian sang a couple of original songs, read some scripture and spoke briefly.  We also had asked a good friend and his daughter to sing a couple of songs.  The day was perfect.

I am very grateful that Brian flew up for the day and that the day was just perfect.  Even as we lose people whom we love, it makes us appreciate the wonderful life that we currently have; knowing that it is always getting better.