No, not really.  Not yet.

There are days when you are working that you feel like if you left, the whole place would crumble with out you.  The reality is, no matter how good or important that you are when you leave the place will continue to run.  There may be a few bumps, but if you are a good leader, the place will continue to run.  That is the sign of a good leader; they should not have to be there for the place to run on its daily course.  A good leader has taught his or her team to do the daily tasks as well or better than themselves.

Things are happening in this world and suddenly they are happening very quickly; and I am learning how to slow it down and to be patient.  There is news to be told, but I must not spread it, not yet.  Not until I have back up plans ready to go.  I need to take care of people; make sure that they remain safe and whole.

Today I am truly grateful for the people that I work with at PoolCorp.  The leadership at Horizon Distributors, the local management team, Northern California, for SCP/SPP and some of the support management at the corporate offices.  It really is fantastic to see the team come together to support efforts that will help others when things get rough.  I could not ask to work for a better company.  Thank you!