I want to say “My Michelle”, after  that title.  Greg knows what I am talking about.

So far this week seems to be moving along rather slow; I haven’t decided yet if that is a good thing or bad.  I am leaning towards, that it is good.  I have accomplished quite a bit this week already and with at least two more days left….I could be ruling the world by the end of Saturday!

I read something on Monday morning, that had me thinking about the great business people who are or were successful:  Rockefeller, Edison, Ford, Sir Richard Branson, John Paul DeJoria, ect.  What is it that they all have in common?  They all worked and some still do work very hard.  I decided that if it meant getting a few less hours of sleep I would finish tasks that I have set for myself each and every day.  I suddenly have more time in a day, to get things done.

I believe that I was reading a passage written by Napoleon Hill that inspired me.  Mr. Hill’s writings have changed my thought process quite a bit over the past several years all for the better.  So today I am grateful for the writings of Napoleon Hill.