Last night I recorded a Podcast with my Personal Coach and mentor, Tom Hart.  The topic of conversation was about Six Daily Disciplines of Success.  Tom had written a blog for his website, , about this topic and so the Podcast he elaborated a little bit more about them.  Two of the six disciplines are, think better thoughts and be grateful.  Well you already know that I am most grateful for everything that I am and have, but think better thoughts…..?  Hmmm.  Do I need to work on that?  I believe that I am moving towards that as well; it is all a part of being grateful.  When something happens to you in your life, good or bad, how do you react to it?  When you see a person muttering to themselves as they walk down the street, dressed in shabby clothes, do you prejudge that person and think that drugs or alcohol or something else of their own doing has made them a bum?  That is the thought that I struggle with.  I should look for the good in that person instead.  Maybe I should even offer them some help; something as simple as a warm drink on a cold day or a cool drink on a hot day.

Your thoughts reflect who you are!  I am grateful that Tom has me thinking more about that this week and that as I spend more time thinking about it, I know that I am becoming a better person, who is more successful.