A steady stream of consciousness
Its my mind, not my body that’s blessed
And every time I write; I wrote
Another phrase; another note
going for my guns
while ya go for my throat
ripped out and gutted
our egos head-butted
war in the heart of relationship
poison drip ‘nd trip from our lip
there’s gotta be another way
i don’t like kneeling; but i pray
as everything around me sighs
and the hope with which we’re living dies
sometimes heaven is a just outta reach
and the priest will only parrot; not preach
cause truth is subjective
to the knowledge of whose listenin’
and we often release that which we should be missin’
yeah, the well isn’t noted
(but the water’s missed)
is that spoon in your mouth silver coated?
(did i just get dissed?)
another sixth page headline
turnin’ water into wine
miracles exist – and persist
but we don’t see ’em
’cause we still suffer
even though we don’t need to
cut me, i bleed, too
i wish we’d all stop
take a breath – ‘nd breath
one more death
when it’s over
who ya gonna call
this song
flippin’ and trippin’
out the lights fantastic
my mind is spastic

word to our mothers