It has been well over a week that I’ve been “kicked” with a bronchial/head cold.

Funny, I don’t pay as close attention to my physical health… until it is compromised. Oh, I attend yoga class fairly often—and I do so in part to put “money in the bank” for my physical well-being… especially in the years to come.

I know that my body shall expire; I’d like to be able to do most anything I please… like ice-skating with the family. Maybe a run down a black diamond run (I’m too old to say double diamond – but I might.)

Of course, for some time I have been grappling with healing my mind. Bringing it to 100% health. But I don’t really know what that looks like. That just might be an evolutionary journey.

So, for this post, I give gratitude to physical health. May we all know it. May we all own it.