For the past several years I have been preaching that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative; so it is best to keep our thoughts positive.  This falls in line with what Napoleon Hill wrote about the Law of Attraction.  What your sub-conscious mind is thinking, this is what you will attract in life.  This is one of the reasons that my brother, Greg, and I started this blog; so that we would always focus on the gratitude for what we have.  This has helped us look for things to be grateful for, even when we are not really feeling it.  I know that it has helped me improve my life, spiritually, physically and financially.

Two examples of this came into my life this past week.  The first was a phone call that I received from a friend whom I grew up with.  I still remember sitting on the beach as a young child and his mother had this toddler with her sitting on a blanket spread out on the sand; this just illustrates how long I have know this friend.  He was calling me to let me know that his older brother had passed away and that there was going to be a paddle-out at the beach where we all grew up.  His older brother was in his early fifties and had never really figured out how wonderful life was.  It really was a moment for both of us to reflect on growing up at the beach and how we have progressed since then.  It really is too bad that the older brother could not escape his demons, ones of his making.  I now pray for his parents and his siblings.

The second example is another very good friend whom I have know since the third grade; this friend has really struggled with keeping his attitude positive.  He would go through spells where he would swear that the world and all powers that be were out to drive him insane.  This friend is a very creative person and a fantastic artist on several levels and mediums.  He has written several plays and shows and this past two years has been working very hard to have one of these plays produced.  Both he and I were fortunate and that every time that he would get frustrated with his life and the lack of enthusiasm for his play he would call me on the phone and we would talk for about an hour or so.  I would help him find some positive things that were going on in his life, so that he could focus on those things rather than the lack of movement toward having his play produced.  I received a phone call from him again this afternoon, only this time it was to tell me that not only did he find someone to co-produce his play with him but they want to co-produce one of his other shows as well.

You see, life is good.  You need to focus on the good and be very, very patient.  I also pray every night for the lord to grant me the wisdom to notice the opportunities that he places in front of me; (my father may have thought that God was an old black lady, but I still view him as a wise old gentleman with a sharp sense of humor).  I think that praying helps as well.

Bless you all!