This morning before I went to work, I received an email (via my smart phone) that one of my employees had made a simple error, not once but several times.  The same error each time and the frustrating thing is that we  have showed him more than once how to do this one part of his job; so he should not be making this error.  He is an intelligent man, one of my best employees; yet he continues to make this mistake.  Very frustrating, since it was my boss who pointed it out to me.

This had me thinking, as I drove into work, that my team was starting to get sloppy.  Too many mistakes are happening and our inventory is not as tight as it should be because of this.  I asked my self what was going on that was causing this sloppiness?  That is when I had the epiphany; I was bored at work and so I wasn’t caring as much and this was reflecting on my crew.  It is my fault that we are getting sloppy!  Time to do something about this!

Next week I will bring lunch in and inform my employees of my epiphany and that I will sharpen my game and my skills, so they had better sharpen theirs as well.

Today I am grateful for the drive into work; it gave me time to think and reflect.  Problem solved!