This morning I watched this trailer… I was stunned by the chaos/cruelty she endured and I remain very impressed that she remains positive, upbeat—full of love.

I don’t really know that I am strong/evolved enough to walk in her shoes with the same results.

I suppose, each one is brave who remains in-body when the mind is showing only darkness and pain. And it most likely is a brave act to purposefully end our own life.

So I am grateful for the brave people who continually show me the amazing possibilities we as human beings have for achievement and virtue. I am grateful for Lizzie Velasquez, who shows me that there are other choices when faced with bullying… it is so easy to become a bully— or tyrant when faced with such energy. To keep one’s energy at peace—in the heat of anger and vitriol—that’s true samurai mastery.

This life is hard. Bravely remaining happy… well, that’s something to have gratitude for.

Be Brave. Be Happy.