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February 2015

It is nobody’s fault….

This morning before I went to work, I received an email (via my smart phone) that one of my employees had made a simple error, not once but several times.  The same error each time and the frustrating thing is… Continue Reading →


This morning I watched this trailer… I was stunned by the chaos/cruelty she endured and I remain very impressed that she remains positive, upbeat—full of love. I don’t really know that I am strong/evolved enough to walk in her shoes… Continue Reading →

Something to believe

For the past several years I have been preaching that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative; so it is best to keep our thoughts positive.  This falls in line with what Napoleon Hill wrote about the Law of Attraction…. Continue Reading →

stage time

Tonight was a solid night at Spanky’s Bar in Cotati… feels to get back to it. Special treat to get some improv in, along with practicing my stand-up… Gratitude for stage time and the people that make it happen!

Here it is….

Last week I wrote about how busy I am and I truly am; and I have a feeling that I am about to become even busier.  This is okay; because I truly enjoy what I am doing and I am… Continue Reading →

Brian Williams; Or How I Won the Civil War

The recent event with Mr. Williams, well, has given me pause — and to come clean with a falsehood I spoke many, many years ago… and still follows me to this day. As the story goes, I was a senior… Continue Reading →

Busy as a Beaver

Today a very good friend asked me if I was happy.  I believe that my reply was, “I am too busy to be anything but happy.  I have a great house, great family and I really enjoy the work that… Continue Reading →

To Life; to Health

It has been well over a week that I’ve been “kicked” with a bronchial/head cold. Funny, I don’t pay as close attention to my physical health… until it is compromised. Oh, I attend yoga class fairly often—and I do so… Continue Reading →

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