It finally happened yesterday morning, my mother in-law left this world for what I hope is a better place, where she will be with her husband and all of her relatives who have proceeded her in passing over.  I was not here, at the house, when she finally went, but I have been here with her since my wife and I moved onto our property in 1999.  My mother in-law was my ally and confidant when I needed one.  She loved her family and she loved her grand kids.  It really meant a lot to her to have them around.

So today I am grateful for family.  I watched my wife and her brother grow closer to each other these past three months, it is sad that it took their mothers illness to get it to happen.  I hope that it will continue.  My wife’s uncle was here over the weekend to say his goodbyes to his sister, he came almost a whole week earlier than he had planned on; again it is the family.  He thanked me for always watching out for and taking care of his sister, my mother in-law, I told him that it is what family’s do.

Lastly I am very grateful that my mother made a bunch of sacrifices and spent these past three months watching over, helping and taking care of my mother in-law, her animals and her house.  She did not have to do it, but she said that she did it because of family.  It is an example that I am sharing with my children, letting them know that it is my expectation that they will always take care of family.

And now that my mother in-law is gone, my family has stepped up once again to help me keep just a little bit of peace for the moment.  The support that I have received from “family” friends and from my siblings, helps me keep it straight and focus on what is important.

Thank you to all of my family.