The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


December 2014

Looks Like We Made It

Others have said it so much better than I… “There are places I remember” So many people and experiences that have taught me of love, life and the pursuit of happiness. A very big Barry Manilow hug to you all… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

http://Today I am grateful for life!  Have a wonderful holiday! This is still one of my favorite Christmas songs; so this is my gift to you all!

Guess Who’s Coming to…

Well, it is beginning to look a lot like… like what ever it is you want it to look like! As for me? Well; I’ve done my best to be real good—and admittedly, I sometimes fall quite short of the… Continue Reading →

Multiple streams

Over the past several years I have learned that it is better to have multiple streams of income.  I am grateful that I am still young enough and intelligent enough that I am able to do this. I am finding… Continue Reading →


i’m overwhelmed with gratitude… there is so much to be grateful for—it is best i just remain quiet and soak it in.

Home is …..

I know that I have said it before, but I am really grateful for the house, property and valley in which I live.  It is one of the most beautiful places on this great big planet.  Right now all of… Continue Reading →


I’ve been listening to this song a lot of late… up loud and on repeat. Perhaps this isn’t the expected good cheer holiday song you’d expect me to be listening to. However, one of our favorite—at least one of mine—is… Continue Reading →


It finally happened yesterday morning, my mother in-law left this world for what I hope is a better place, where she will be with her husband and all of her relatives who have proceeded her in passing over.  I was… Continue Reading →

Life is a Cabaret

My, how time flies when you’re… not paying attention. I didn’t go to open mic tonight based on feedback on my “look of health” – or lack there of. I hope I’ve made the wise choice… ’cause a part of… Continue Reading →

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