Our life begins with our birth and from that moment on we are dying.  Morbid?  Probably, but it is the truth; it is what you do with your life while you are dying that is important.  It seems that some people look forward to their final breath because life has not been that good to them; others choose to live without thinking about their last breath at all.  Live or Die?  That is the question.

There are some very good people who I have known in my life who took their last breath much too soon.  Some of them were family and some of them were friends; I am grateful to have known them all.  Death is just a part of our life; some day it will be our own.  I am working very hard on being one of the people who chooses to live rather than die.  I have also become somewhat of an instructor for others on this philosophy; this is not something that I have actively chosen to do but I embrace it because I learn from it as well.

Education was very important to my father.  When I was younger I never really understood why it was so important to him; as I have grown older I look forward to learning something new every day. So I help educate those around me and in return I am taught new things as well.

For Death and for Life I am Grateful.  “Live Long and Prosper.” – First Science Officer Spock