um… yeah…

i’ve often heard that there is only one ship that comes in for you… just one…

and if you miss it; it’s game over — doesn’t matter at what point in your life you are…

but, ah… yeah…. um…. i think that we have a lifetime full of ships coming in

they’re en mass – a fleet of ’em… a life time supply

and for that, i am very grateful — because for better or worse, i’m a little dense… and i don’t always recognize opportunity when it kicks me upside the head… and.. ah; yeah… i don’t always act when opportunity knocks.

and if my life fortune was regulated to one departure time and date? well — then i really would be one very lost soul.


But, nope… they keep sailing in — and little by little, i’ll be sailing my way to distant shores

thank you, captain my captain