Tonight, I am graced with having spent the evening celebrating a sister-in-law’s birthday. I was with a niece, nephew, father-in-law, wife, daughters, son, brother-in-law, family friend… so warm the evening — so open, the heart.

My brother is a daily support in my life. My sisters shine light to aspects of myself I wouldn’t see otherwise. My mother lets me know I still have growing-up to do… my father, in memory, let’s me know relationships don’t end — they change.

My friends? They are family, too.

It is a small world. It is an honor to be a part of our family. Yes; we have bumps and bruised knees from falling down. Sometimes, it is alone I stand back-up… and that is a temporary phase of imagination. For we always come back together. We are family.

I am grateful and honored to be a part of our family. Much Love.